Welcome to Designs for Wellbeing

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Welcome to Designs for Wellbeing


In this world of contrasts, natural and man-made, it is rare to find a place of comfort and spiritual support. Here you will find a small, peaceful resting space – with gentle pastel pictures and inspiring messages to browse through. Relax well. Meditate on fine colours and natural wisdom in peace and quiet, and then perhaps share them with the people you care about.



“Without a sensitive side to our nature, how would we be complete as human beings? Just as beautiful colours, scents, sounds and textures in our surroundings can nourish us and provide a feeling of wellbeing, so can feelings such as calm, joy, tenderness and compassion enrich us in a positive way as we grow through our experiences in life … and life can be a struggle at times. On a difficult day, it can make such a difference to receive an uplifting message or a simple picture filled with light and colour.”


The artist
Grace Filby draws from the heart using colour, light and positive thought to refresh the spirit. She lives in Surrey, England, where she balances her family life with creative arts and a professional interest in holistic health, special needs and disabilities.

Much of Grace’s work is in the form of original pastels, signed prints and meditation cards. The images she produces are a rich resource for promoting wellbeing – in the workplace, health centre and home. People all over the world find that through art, they can just relax and imagine something new. All of us can be inspired and empowered to create a reality of our dreams whilst maintaining a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit.

Whether you prefer pictures, words, patterns, objects or real life action, she shows how to absorb the range of colours and reflect on ideas. Then, with the best intention, you may discover that you are open to your own messages and images, and feel better for it. You can ‘lighten up’, learn from others and still find your own unique art of wellbeing.